10 Fun Facts

Hey, there! I am so glad you stopped by! Below are 10 fun facts about me...these are super random...so bear with me.

1.  The boutique is named after my daughter, Mila Louise, whose middle name is after my Grandma.  She is 1 and is the most adorable thing, but I may be biased!

2.  My husband and I have been married for 5.5 years.  We have seen a few job changes and a new city.

3.  We also have 2 fur babies, Callie and Bentley.  They are crazy cats who are still warming up to Mila!

4.  I have a degree in Legal Studies from Grand Valley State University.  I worked as a paralegal for 4.5 years.

5.  I also own Melissa Anne Floral Co. and provide wedding flowers for couples on their big day!

6.  I have an obsession with feta cheese.  I.CAN'T.GET.ENOUGH.  When I was pregnant with Mila I ate a salad made of cucumber, feta cheese, tomatoes, red onion and a greek dressing every single day.  As time went on it became cucumber, feta cheese and greek dressing.  I know, I know.

7.  I've had two cars in my life, a Chevy Cavalier for 10 years and a Honda CRV for 4 years.

8.  Our house was built in 1947 and we have completely redone everything since we moved in.  Like the only thing that hasn't been touched are the beams on the ceiling.  Everything else has either been painted or torn out.

9.  I am not a morning person but really wish I was.

10.  I HATE the winter, but live Michigan.  I have an inner battle with myself at the first snowfall every year.